Fidelity Energy & Sustainability


At Fidelity Energy & Sustainability we consider all of the elements that are shaping modern business decision-making. By understanding the emergent properties of how this all works together, we deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients.

“A goal without a plan is a dream”. Efforts to achieve energy efficiency improvements require planning to understand the best course of action to achieve energy savings and sustainability goals. Our energy auditing process adheres to the ASHRAE guidelines for energy auditing, Levels 1, 2, and 3. Our expert field and energy engineers work with clients to develop a comprehensive list of conservation measures that have verifiable savings that produce significant returns on investment. Contact us to see how an energy audit can help guide you toward optimal performance.

Significant energy users, campus environments, and portfolio clients all have a need to understand how energy decisions will impact day-to-day operations as well as long-term facility planning. Energy Master Planning is a process whereby we look at all aspects of your energy-consuming infrastructure, your long-term facility capital planning, your energy procurement practices, your financial processes, and your environmental goals, thereby understanding the primary interdependent domains that result in the most effective strategies for long term facility/campus performance improvements. Energy master planning is a robust process that brings confidence and clarity to the evolution of your facilities.

Other energy companies stress major modifications and replacements as the only way to achieve energy saving and emissions reductions. The fact is most building systems are capable of significant improvements in performance through an exercise of assessment, testing, and tune-up. This process, known as Retro-Commissioning (RCX) brings mechanical equipment and controls systems back to their design intent performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement. This process is the first prudent step in any planning to upgrade the facility. Don’t replace what isn’t broken. RCX provides the highest return on investment possible for energy improvement due to its low-cost relative to significant energy savings. Let us provide you with the first step towards facility excellence with RCX.

With our Smart Building Monitoring Center, we provide clients with a sophisticated, advanced system of building oversight that ensures peak performance is maintained over time. Our 24/7/365 staffed operations center monitors thousands of buildings for controls integrity, comfort, energy performance, and maintenance planning. As a service, we act as your eyes and ears all day, every day, ensuring that your facilities remain a top tier performer.  We respond to alarms, identify deficiencies in performance, track energy use, and work with building operators to triage improvements that result in excellence.

Fidelity Energy Connect is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide real-time insights into energy consumption and operational performance for buildings and facilities. With intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics, Fidelity Energy Connect empowers organizations to easily monitor energy usage, identify trends, and optimize building performance. By leveraging the power of Fidelity Energy Connect, organizations can achieve their energy conservation goals, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. Quite simply, it’s the ultimate tool for building owners and operators.

Fidelity Smart Connect offers innovative solutions for real-time monitoring and analysis of HVAC systems. These solutions facilitate the early identification of issues and the implementation of proactive maintenance approaches. Through sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics, and the ability to implement corrective actions, Fidelity Smart Connect empowers building owners and facility managers to optimize HVAC performance and minimize downtime.

We look at electrification as a process that benefits from strategic assessment of options for all the factors that impact successful GHG reduction efforts. System modifications, energy supply strategies, energy awareness training, and an understanding of how the grid will contribute to our client’s success are all considered to ensure the goals they set out to achieve can actually be accomplished.

As a facility owner or manager, have you ever wondered how certain energy technologies could benefit your overall performance? We have a long history of evaluating various equipment and systems for installation at client sites. Some of these feasibility studies include, solar generation, combined heat and power, solar hot water, vehicle electrification, fuel switching, and geothermal HVAC just to name a few. If you wish to understand more about how technologies can improve your performance, let us work with you to provide an investment-grade understanding of any energy application.

Has your company made commitments for greenhouse gas reductions or decarbonization?  This laudable goal comes with the need for a roadmap to success and sound accounting of results.  We work with clients to perform GHG and ESG planning and reporting such that they know where they are, where they are going, and where they will end up.  If you are looking to achieve environmental emissions reductions and decarbonization, look to us to define for you a prudent set of goals that brings the most responsible financial result to bear.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Fidelity Energy & Sustainability is our long history of assessing, conceptualizing, designing and developing every kind of facility energy system imaginable. Our experience with various HVAC systems, combined with our ability to integrate the most effective controls strategies for optimum performance and monitoring oversight, ensures that you will achieve the energy savings you expect. We ensure that no project gets undercut in performance through thoughtless alterations in design and equipment substitutions. Trust our expertise in developing the right systems for your energy improvement goals.

Renewable technologies are transforming the way our facilities impact the environment. The installation of solar power, wind turbines, solar thermal systems, clean distributed generation, and other green systems brings a quantum leap in financial and environmental performance by creating clean energy supply options. These technologies have a multitude of benefits that include incentives and rebates at the federal and state levels, including renewable energy credit value, that bring handsome economics to the installations. We work with our clients to make sure they understand the technical and economic variables before making decisions to move forward. Once confidence is achieved, we help construct and commission those systems to ensure all benefits are realized. If you’re considering such an investment, make sure you seek us out as an independent, client-aligned provider of renewables.

Sustainability initiatives can become cumbersome, disparate efforts that lack cohesion and a firm understanding of value. Organizations that are authentically committed to forwarding their sustainability commitments and addressing climate change in a meaningful way realize the benefit of integrated planning. Sustainability stretches across all aspects of an enterprise. Without a thoughtful effort to envision, strategize, and plan, these efforts often result in random displays of anemic impact on what the true spirit of sustainability is.

Our Sustainability Master Planning process brings together the sustainability leaders of an organization, as well as the senior stakeholders across all relevant business domains that have an impact on the success and works to lead an intentional conversation that clearly defines the program vision, the tangible efforts needed to bring that vision to fruition, and the plan on how to execute in a manner that is responsible; ethically, technically, and financially.

If sustainability is part of your company’s goals for evolution and growth, contact us to understand what our partnership can do for you.