Fidelity Energy & Sustainability

Accelerating the Drive to Electrification & Decarbonization

Companies with a strong corporate social responsibility credo often look to decarbonize their facilities and operations as a living example of that commitment. Decarbonization and other environmental impact reduction efforts focus on the elimination of fossil fuels. The electrification of equipment and systems in facilities is the step that many take to accomplish this goal. This allows for onsite renewable systems to power equipment and the reduction or elimination of the carbon footprint.

Electrification is an important effort that requires evaluation and planning reaching far outside equipment replacement. Using electricity in lieu of fossil fuels on an in-kind basis will significantly increase life cycle operating costs. At Fidelity Energy & Sustainability, we look at electrification as a process that benefits from strategic assessment of options for all the factors that impact successful GHG reduction efforts. System modifications, energy supply strategies, energy awareness training, and an understanding of how the grid will contribute to our client’s success are all considered to ensure the goals they set out to achieve can actually be accomplished.

Next Steps

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